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Top Questions To Ask Whangarei Carpet Cleaners


Not knowing what questions to ask and what to look for can be finding the best carpet cleaning company a chore. By learning the right questions to ask, you should be able to narrow down your options and choose the right one. Having a reputable and professional carpet cleaning company is important not only to get the best cleaning results but also to avoid potentially damaging your carpets. Below, we will go over a few questions you should be asking Whangarei carpet cleaners.


Do You Offer Guarantees?


One of the main questions you should be asking is whether or not they are willing and able to offer some type of guarantee on their servicing. If they do happen to offer some type of guarantee, you want to figure out if they will offer it in writing. If unable to get the kind of guarantee you are looking for in writing, you won’t have any legal recourse in the event something goes wrong.


Do You Offer Written Estimates?


You want to figure out whether or not the carpet cleaning company offers written estimates before choosing. After all, you want to get estimates from multiple companies. This way, you will be able to do a thorough comparison of what you are getting and for what price with each.


What Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Systems Do You Use?


Whangarei carpet cleanersNot every carpet cleaning company is equal when it comes to their equipment and systems. The system they use will ultimately dictate the kind of results they are able to get. A lot of carpet cleaning companies utilize heavy-duty and commercial-grade cleaning agents. If you care about the environment, you will likely want to opt for a company that uses environmentally friendly ingredients that are not only just as effective but also non-damaging to your carpets and the environment.


What Kind Of Training Have Your Technicians Had?


Knowing who will be completing the carpet cleaning service and figuring out how much training they have is crucial. You want to figure out whether they are sufficiently trained in using their respective equipment and systems. Also, at this point, it would be wise to figure out whether or not the company is a member of any industry boards and if they hold special certifications. Companies that have been certified are going to be much more reliable.


Do You Have References For Whangarei Carpet Cleaners?


You should always be asking for references. That way, you can get real opinions from past customers. However, these references need to be able and willing to be contacted. IF you are not able to contact the references, you will not know if they are real. Look at any online review websites to get even more feedback on the company and its services.


Do You Have Insurance?


Figure out whether or not the company has the requisite insurance to protect not only you but the employees as well. You don’t want to be held liable if one of their employees gets injured while working on your property.


As you can tell, there is a range of questions you should be asking companies prior to deciding on which one to hire. Not only do you want to get a written estimate, but you should be getting any guarantee in writing, as well.