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Matrimonial Property – What A Couple Wants To Know – Orewa Separation Lawyer


The breakup of a relationship between two people is a highly charged and emotional situation. When it comes to dividing the matrimonial land, people demand, insist on, and threaten all sorts of things. The legislation, on the other hand, explicitly specifies the division of relationship property, so it isn’t appropriate to compromise or debate it. However, since one party often attempts to exert superiority or control over the other, it is highly advised that you consult with an Orewa separation lawyer to protect your rights, advise you, and insure you achieve an equal and fair result.


Orewa couple arguingDivorce and separation are the last resorts for couples, including married couples, de-facto live-in spouses, and same-sex partners. In certain situations, the same rules apply to all types of partnerships. These laws are meant to provide an equitable and fair result for all parties in what is usually a very difficult situation.


Of course, some people are frustrated by the rules because they feel they are entitled to more rights. It will, in general, be linked to financial assets. In both cases, though, the rule is fair and assists all parties in going forwards without feeling abused. Of course, some people believe that things should be split in a certain way, which is why hiring an Auckland divorce lawyer is a good idea.


How to Plan for Divorce

If you’re thinking about splitting up, the first thing you can do is contact a divorce lawyer who specialises in family law. Many people would seek help from their family and friends. While this is helpful for emotional support, it can also trigger issues that you want to prevent.


The biggest issue is that other people may have their own opinions of what should be claimed in a divorce. Some family and friends may advise you to try to get as much as possible or to buy a particular asset, such as a home. Many of those kinds of remarks are meant to make you feel better. They are, however, sometimes poor and incorrect advice. This connection to the US Department of Justice may be of assistance.


In certain places, the overall value of a relationship’s property and properties is divided evenly between the two people. In addition, unlike in some nations, where maintenance payments are normally made to the partner, there is no such arrangement in place here. There is, however, a child support payment scheme in place, and the sum is fixed, with the tax department managing all payments deducted directly from salaries.


Children’s Access

This is also another place where the law is clear. One parent will have custody of their children, but both parents will be guardians of their children. There are very specific guidelines in place, and the Justice Department has more details.


The children remain with the custodial parent as a matter of course. The other parent, on the other hand, has the right to see or touch their children. If that happens, and how much time they have with their children, the two parents will discuss it with the help of their lawyers.


Transferring Marital Property

A transition must be made to one of the spouses after the assets from a partnership have been measured and the couple has decided on the overall value. Many couples would have a home as a big asset. Couples with savings accounts, rental properties, and companies, on the other hand, are popular.


In such cases, the other party would need to officially grant the title to each of these properties. This will almost always necessitate a separate legal procedure. Some properties are simple to pass, while others are far more complex. It is possible for a house to be passed to the other party. It will, however, be appropriate to prepare a new mortgage deed.


Final Thoughts – Orewa Separation Lawyer

Orewa separation lawyerAlthough divorce and separation are tough times, keep in mind that the law is on your side. Under New Zealand law, you have rights, and an Auckland divorce lawyer will help you protect those rights. If you are divorcing your wife, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. This will allow you to ensure that you are on the right track legally and that you are not relinquishing your rights.


If you are contemplating a marital separation, talk to an Orewa separation lawyer here.