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North Shore Water Damage Repair Company – Cleaning And Restoration


Auckland flood restorationSometimes homeowners don’t have any idea that there is water damage in their home until the problem becomes too large to ignore. Other times, it is quite obvious, like after a flood or an accident. Much like smoke damage, this type of problem can be costly to repair, and most of the time cannot be fixed without replacing the fabric, carpet or even walls that have sustained the water damage. Homeowners may have insurance coverage for this, but not even if they have, there can be delays in getting approval from the company. If you have had a flood of any type, speed is of the essence to minimise long-term issues so call a North Shore water damage repair company.


One of the most common causes of water damage is a leak in the home. Often these are hidden. When water leaks out of a pipe behind the walls or even in the basement, the wood will warp and must be replaced. For the water damage, you need to call in a plumber, possibly an electrician and a North Shore water damage repair company to dry and clean your carpets.

If the gib on the walls is soaked by hidden water damage, it will have to be replaced as well. If the water leak is missed for a long time, toxic mould may grow in the area, and that can be dangerous for the residents in the house. If mould is found, a mould removal professional should be called in to deal with it as soon as possible. The family may even be advised to stay somewhere else until it can be fixed.


Auckland water damage repair companyWater damage from flooding is not always obvious. Though a large flood is noticed, and the damage is very apparent, there are times when problem go unnoticed. Some basements will leak water during times of heavy rain, and that water will sit on the basement floor and damage everything it touches. Some go into their basements all of the time, and they will see the water damage right away. However, people like me who really have no need to go down there might not see this coming. It can erode away or damage things like heaters and water heaters.


When water damage is found, a call to the insurance company should be one of the first things a person does. Some carpet cleaners have arrangements with insurance companies that they can start work prior to the insurer giving individual approval. This is the best option as the water damage company can get started on drying out your carpets.


They will bring in dehumidifiers to remove the bulk of the water in the air and flooring. After that they will use industrial fans to dry the air, walls and carpets. This can take days to get the place dry.


Once that is done, then you and the various experts can assess the extent of any damage. This will include ceilings were necessary, walls, flooring and carpets.


Water damage can be caused by weather flooding, an over-flowing appliance or a burst pipe, and more. It isn’t always extreme weather.

If you have a flood for whatever reason, call a North Shore water damage repair company like Go Green Carpet Cleaning.