North Shore Seniors’ Massage For Relaxation, Therapy And Pain Relief

How To Make Aging More Bearable With Regular, Relaxing North Shore Seniors’ Massage

Massage isn’t just for relaxing spa treatments, or for injured sports people.  Massage is a great therapy for people of any age, but especially for seniors.  Nor is massage just a nice treat; there is plenty of scientific research which shows the physical and mental benefits of a good massage therapy session. A North Shore senior’s massage can help your family members.

These benefits of a gentle massage range from improved blood circulation, to better functioning of the nervous system. As we know, both of these are symptoms that many seniors suffer from.

Many people like to choose massage as therapies for these and other conditions because it is a pain-free, non-invasive, drug-free treatment.  With so many senior citizens already being prescribed drugs for a variety of physical, mental, and nervous conditions, having a drug-free treatment is an option that many people choose to adopt. Who needs more side affects from even more drugs?

Geriatric massage can also assist in relieving many physical constraints that build up over the years. This can include increasing flexibility in the main joints like knees, hips, and elbows, or even helping to increase the strength of key muscle groups. Both of these add to the overall quality of life for older people.

There are other befits from massage therapy for seniors too.

Most older people know the problems of sleep deprivation, or just broken sleep. A massage can make people more relaxed so that they can then get a good night’s sleep. Even another hour makes a big difference to your quality of life.

Is massage painful?

For people who have not had the benefit of a massage before there are lots of misapprehensions about the treatment. One of the most common is that it must hurt to produce any benefits.  No pain, no gain right?

North Shore senior MassageThis is definitely not true. Some types of massage are more difficult but that is from a person’s choice.  Massage therapy for seniors can be totally pain-free.  It is a gentle rubbing, and kneading of the muscles intended to ease physical and mental stresses. At Vital Massage, we only ever use gentle massage techniques so that our patients have an enjoyable, while helpful treatment.

Is massage right for my parents?

In most cases, yes. A gentle senior massage is suitable for many states of physical health. We discuss a patient’s condition, and learn what is their current physical state. Do they have aching limbs? Are their joints stiff? Do they want to be less stressed? Any of these situations, and many more, can be eased with a relaxing, gentle massage for a senior person.

Even if a patient has an injury, we can provide rehabilitation massages for older patients and aged-care residents.

Aged-care Seniors’ Massage Therapy

We are finding an increasing number of residents in aged-care homes looking for a senior’s massage service. People are learning of the benefits from having a regular massage therapy from a simple relaxation to improving their mobility to recovering from a fall.

For more information about our massage treatment for seniors on the North Shore, please call 021 0671417.